Footbiking… what is it, and why to try?!

Footbiking is a versatile outdoor activity for all ages and abilities, simply using your body's natural motion. A fantastic way to maintain an active lifestyle by a unique form of exercise, build up strength, fitness and having FUN at the same time!  

Footbikes in the UK

Footbikes are now available for purchase and for hire at select locations in the UK. 

A to B, all the way to Z

Each Footbike model has been individually tailored to tackle its own terrain. Conquer the toughest woodland trails, weave your way through the winding roads of the countryside or take a leisurely cruise through the city streets. All of our models are built to serve a purpose. Where will yours take you? 

Find your motion

You can ride solo, with friends and family or try out mushing with your dog. Or push yourself to the limit with one of our many specialised designs on any terrain. However you want to ride, there’s a Footbike to match. Find your motion.

Designed for more

Footbikes are a bicycle/scooter hybrid, equipped with durable rubber tyres, a resilient frame and high quality brakes. Large bicycle wheels grant riders more distance per push, while the perfectly balanced frames are capable of holding their ground on even the toughest terrain, ensuring a smooth ride from start to finish, time and time again. 

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You don’t want to miss out! 

You can also invite us, if you would like to bring something unique to: -your kids at club, -students at school, -collegues at work, etc.
We would be happy to help you with any sort of event you would like to run: - footbiking fun, - sports day, - power training, - treasure hunt by footbike, -birthday party, - team building, etc. 
We would bring footbikes, provide you with instruction and guides.